When someone youre dating disappears

I have missed your company and companionship and will continue to miss you. I've got to move on and not let messiness and confusion bog me down. I pray you can tie up any loose ends in your life before jumping into something else. It sure helps to finalize things. About a month and a half ago I met a woman who I believed to be married but who was nonetheless coming onto me.

About a week later, I confronted her with that hypothesis and was told that, while there was a certain obvious attraction, I had misread her meaning and that her committed relationship with her UNmarried partner made a dating or sexual relationship with me untenable.

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That was fine with me and we proceeded to become extremely close, but appropriately non-physical best of friends. It was truly a great relationship. About three weeks ago we, as friends, had an intimate conversation where we exchanged certain sexual secrets and inclinations. I also got a confirmation that there was a strong attraction between us and that in another place and time prior to meeting her current partner, we would have likely been sexually intimate.

Based on the stimulating aspect of that conversation, I later made a renewed bid for having a sexual relationship. She again declined for the same reasons as before. After reflection, I felt extremely remorseful for what I had done and profusely apologized. No apologies were necessary, said she, and we resumed from afar because I had temporarily relocated our appropriately light and supportive communications based on a platonic friendship.

Despite her assurance, I have concurrently been somewhat "needy" due to my current situation and circumstances being far from home. I have had need to reach out to her as a friend for emotional support. Within the past week she has ceased all communication despite the most benign invitation to simply drop me a note and tell me how she is doing.

Her silence is inconsistent with the entire tenor of our relationship and in contrast to her earlier assurances. Her partner has known of our friendship all along, and the three of us attended a play together about a month ago. I suspect, however but have no proof , that she told her partner about our earlier intimate information exchange and he has, perhaps, forbid her to communicate with me.

Relationship Advice When Someone Disappears From Your Life

It's the only logical explanation that makes any sense. But I have no closure or any indication that she will likely provide it. I have never been in this much excruciating pain. All I really wanted in the end, was to nurture the deep but appropriate friendship we had begun. I read this article way too late. The relationship in question was ended 8 years ago and I have long since moved on, however I am now married and having to examine things because it legged an inability to be open with my emotions and a lack of intimacy with my wife.

My wife most truly love me or she would have bolted 4 years ago. No matter how much you deny that fact. I was involved with a man overseas but only online. My marital status was complicated as was his - he said.

Here’s Why Men Disappear

We constantly texted and video messaged so much. He professed his undying love. I fell badly for him. I created a new profile and added him as a friend. He started chatting me up thinking I was someone else. I played along for a few hours then he asked me for a photo. I sent him my own pic. He said his wife found my messages and he had to block me that he would be in touch soon to explain then blocked the new name profile. I sent a message on messenger but he has not responded. He did not block that one. I don;t know if I have been played or not but he told me many times he loved me deeply.

There was not sex online there was a lot of intimate chat he said he respected me too much for that and wanted to wait until we met. I really feel like crap and duped and played now. It's the complete stop to the communication that kills me its like a death but the fact that he was so prepared to chat up the other girl my other persona not even 24 hours after blocking me should make me know he was insincere but I can't get him out of my head.

It is truly killing me I am trying to move on Almost 4 years and and a 3 yrs old who is autistic he has disappeared, his cell is off he hasnt checked his messages checked on his son been seen by or heard from. We fought he walked off that was it. I feel used lied to taken advantage of I am not sure I can keep myself together anymore. Ive read some of the stories here and I can't help but write my own So I met this guy, who is my best friends, best friend.

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For once i was happy to have dated someone that wasn't from a dating app. Anyways, we instantly clicked at the social gathering in October. After that, we started to text just as friends since believe it or not, at that party I had found out that he had two kids with his ex wife. Mind you, he was in the marines and is only 22, I am Trust me he is very mature and when hearing this, I kinda just let it pass my mind.

He wasn't divorced yet but they were separated so I thought its okay.

We continued to just text as friends, then eventually after two weeks in a half he decided to take me out on a date. Thats when feelings grew and we became a couple after another month passed. Obviously he couldn't show me off or add me on fb because he had his baby mama there and well.. I had him on snapchat and Instagram. I felt like a secret at times and was just afraid of losing him.

My issue is once I fall for a guy I fall hard. Then I start to have that fear of getting replaced. He told me I wasn't but he couldn't risk custody of his kids because his wife' is controlling and still checks up on him. She is in love still but he fell out of love so thats why he asked for a divorce and because they always fought.

The 4 Things He Is Telling You When He Disappears

Anyways, we went through that honey moon stage where we would talk for hours, see each other and hang out with our common best friend and my friends who are my best friends too. Then slowly after a month his life got super busy and complicated. It seemed his wife' was starting to make the math that me and him had a thing because she has our common best friend on snapchat and one day she saw me and him sitting next to one another. Any who, it seemed like he had to keep being more discrete about us..

It was a lot for me too because all i ever wanted was someone to show me off and be happy to call me their gf but he just couldn't because of the circumstances..

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He would pick up one of his sons who is the toddler and the other is still a baby 4months and she didn't trust him yet to take care of the baby so he would take care of the toddler. Slowly, he started to text me hours later and I would trust him that he was taking care of his son because he would send me a snap photo with him.

It was reassurance for me because mind you, I have a lot of trouble trusting men who I am involved with romantically.

The Exact Reasons Why Men Suddenly Disappear

Then communication was bad and we would keep arguing about that. He said he's trying that he just got busier ; works 10hrs a day, then gets home around 7, has to fix his car, clean his room, errands, etc.

I tried to understand him but I just couldn't understand why he couldn't just text me it takes seconds to say sorry babe, I am busy ill reply in a bit'. He would sometimes but then at times no, and I would nag him about it. Last month was rocky we would argue, because again I wasn't satisfied with the communication I was getting.. I don't know, I could of been more trusting because at times I would accuse him but that would get him frustrated because the person that he loves doesn't trust him and he trusted me. Now to the breaking point He was at work lunch time and I thought weird he should of at least said; ill reply later sorry babe!