Am i dating the wrong person

Who wants to date someone who onl y cares about us and nothing else?


We all want some attention. The right person will respect your time, back off and give you the space you need.

Do you not see anything long-term here? You literall y got no interest at all in having the big conversations with them.

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And to do that, there needs to be some pretty big conversations. The right person leaves you feeling warm, happy and maybe even missing them.

Either way, you always depart from them feeling good about them. Your email address will not be published.

9 Warning signs you are dating the wrong guy

Ten clear signs that you are dating the wrong person February 7, You are not bothered about a potential break-up. Lifestyle Relationships Weddings Are you in a relationship with the wrong or right person? The answer to that question may just be right here. So you are wondering whether you made the right decision with your partner, or if you chose wrongly, here are few ways to know: You might need to ask yourself if you should still be dating them, really. Unfavorable comparisons to your ex When you find yourself constantly comparing your lover with your ex , even though you have been together for a number of months or more, then you could be dating the wrong person.

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Well, that nonchalance should tell you something.